We also provide long and short-term rentals for material handling equipment. Whether you need an industrial straight-mast forklift or telescopic forklift; our forklift rentals are designed to provide solutions for a wide range of job site applications and conditions, with lifting capacities up to 9,000 lbs and lift heights up to 45 feet located at our facilty larger units up to of 12,000 pounds with a reach of 56 ft reach on short notice. You are sure to find the right forklift for any job


We are capable of meeting demands of all customers whether it’s a large company that needs an entire fleet, or a small company that only needs one or two pieces of equipment. We have a steady stream of used equipment please call us to discuss current options.

Scissor Lift Electric

15 - 20' Electric Scissor
25 - 26' Electric Scissor
32 - 33' Electric Scissor
39 - 40' Electric Scissor

Scissor Lifts - Rough Terrain (Gas/Diesel Powered)

25 - 26' RT Scissor
32 - 33' RT Scissor
40' RT Scissor

Boom Lifts - Electric

30' Electric Boom
40' Electric Boom
60' Electric Boom

Boom Lifts - Rough Terrain (Gas/Diesel Powered)

40' RT Boom
45' RT Boom
60' RT Boom